Everyone Loves Stickers!

Stickers are a fun way to promote your brand or artwork.
Bentonville Copy & Ship can create custom, die-cut vinyl stickers available in a variety of materials that will truly make you stand out. 

Our stickers are made with a durable vinyl that stands up to outdoor use. We even have a 13mil vinyl that will endure the toughest environments.

We also make it super-easy.  Don't worry about creating die-lines, we'll take care of it. We can even help you create your artwork.

So Many Options

Singles. Sheets. Holographic. White. Glitter. Clear. Clings. Don't worry - we will help you figure out the best option based on your graphics, intended usage, and budget.

How Do I Get Started?

The easiest way is to send us an email - print@copyandship.net
Be sure to include the basic information which is the size, quantity (or range), permanent or removable adhesive and, of course, the file. It's also helpful to know what you plan to use it for so we can pick the best material for your sticker.

What kind of Stickers Do You Make?

Bumper Stickers
Clear Stickers
Front Adhesive Stickers (Window Decals)
Glitter Stickers
Holographic Stickers
Kiss Cut Stickers (printable backing )
Oval Stickers
Static Clings
Waterproof / Salt water proof Decals
Microwave / Dishwasher Safe Labels
Vinyl Stickers

We can make stickers in just about any shape or size. Don't worry about creating die-lines or worrying about setting the file up. We will handle all of that for you if you need us to.

Production time for our standard white vinyl sticker is usually 48-72 hours. Other materials can take up to 12 business days, depending upon availability of stock.


Have any Questions?

  1. Q Are Die Cut Stickers Permanent or Removable?
    A Most die-cut vinyl stickers are made with a permanent adhesive. Technically, the stickers can be removed but will likely leave a residue that might require extra work to shift. It might also damage delicate surfaces when you remove it. But don't worry - there are options for removable adhesives. It's important to let us know if you want that as an option. We also have specifically Permanent adhesive that's especially difficult to remove. This is a great material for safety messages or labels.
  2. Q How long does it take to get my stickers?
    A For white vinyl stickers, we typically have those ready within 24 -48 hours. Specialty materials, such as holographic, clings, waterproof, glitter and clear take about 10 business days, but rush options are available for an additional fee.
  3. Q Can I write on vinyl stickers?
    A Yes - best to use a permanent marker for best results.
  4. QWhat's the difference between holographic and glitter?
    A Holographic stickers are printed on solid silver metallic, but when you pick them up they show off a rainbow effect that changes color depending on its perspective. They're very cool! Glitter vinyl also refracts light for a rainbow effect but does it in a more sparkly way. Unlike the holographic stickers which look solid silver when flat, you can always see the rainbow-y glitter effect in your sticker.
  5. QCan I print in full color on holographic or glitter stickers?
    A Yes! But keep in mind the holographic and glitter effects really look their best in the transparent (uncolored) areas of your design. We can take a look at your artwork and see if/where we can convert certain areas to transparency for the best effect, if you like.
  6. QHow long do vinyl stickers typcially last?
    A The answer to this question depends on the material and the environment the sticker is exposed to. Most vinyl stickers are durable enough to withstand outdoor challenges, such as sunlight, water and scratches for many years. The less brutal the environment or usage, the longer the stickers will last. Let us know if you plan to put your sticker through hell and back so we can get the most durable material for you!
  7. QHow do I get started?
    A The best way is to send us an email with all the essential details and include your artwork if you have it. Essential information includes, sticker size, special material, quantity and what you'd like to use them for so we get the best material for your application. Our email address is print@copyandship.net