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Since 1991, thousands of Walmart and Sam's Club Suppliers have relied on Bentonville Copy & Ship to get their product samples to layout rooms, CTL, and area showrooms. We're Bentonville's most trusted and recommended product delivery service company.

It all got started when one of our Supplier customers called us from his East coast office; he was stuck and needed to have a product sample delivered to Walmart. He asked if he could have it shipped to us deliver it to his Buyer. 

He recommended us to his colleagues who also did the same. Soon we were delivering hundreds of product samples to Walmart and Sam's Club every day. 

About Our Service

  • We usually make two scheduled delivery runs every day, Monday through Friday.  Our morning run happens between 10:45am and 11am.  Our afternoon run is around 2pm. Please note that due to volume levels during COVID-19, we might only perform one delivery run a day.
  • Hot Shot Delivery Service. If you need a package delivered immediately, we offer a Hot Shot service for an additional fee. Tip: this service usually works best with either UPS or FedEx.
  • Hold for Pickup. We can hold your items for pickup by a designated person.
  • Product Sample Pickup. We can pick up your items from area layout centers. Make sure your Buyer has released the item to us prior to calling us for pick up to avoid additional fees. Our cut off time for same day pickup requests is 2pm CST.
  • Pallets and Freight Deliveries. We have a box truck with a lift gate for pallet deliveries. Give us a call at 479-273-3987 or send us an email at when you ship your item so we're ready for it! The scariest sight we know is having a freight truck pull into the parking lot and the driver walking towards our shop and we weren't expecting anything.
  • With a One Time Use Form we bill your credit card after we performed the service you requested
  • With a Store Account we bill your credit card each Thursday for all the deliveries or other services we provided to you during the week.

We apologize, but we cannot make deliveries to Buyer's homes during COVID-19. We are more than happy to hold those items at our shop for pickup.

The Process

  • When your package arrives at our location, we take it off the truck and log it into our system.
  • We save our logged-in packages on a flash drive. The information we log includes the Company that sent the package, the tracking number, Buyer, Department and Location.
  • When we arrive at a layout center, our package log is transferred to the layout center's receiving computer
  • The receiving department takes our packages and is responsible to dispersing them to the Buyer

Pricing for Services

Package Receiving Fee 5.00 per box
Layout Centers / CTL 19.00 per buyer
CIC Appointment Only Delivery 32.00 per buyer
Hot Shot Service 19.00 add'l fee
Pallet Receiving 25.00 per pallet
Lift Gate / Box Truck Delivery 65.00
Photo & Email of Received Samples 5.00 per photo
Phone/Email Delivery Verification 5.00

Some examples:

  • One Box going to one buyer would be charged:
    • $5.00 Package Receiving Fee
    • $19.00 Delivery
    • Total is $24.00 + tax
  • Two boxes going to the same buyer would be charged:
    • 2x $5.00 Package Receiving Fee
    • 1x $19.00 Delivery
    • Total is $29.00 + tax
  • A box with a Hot Shot request would be charged:
    • $5.00 Package Receiving Fee
    • $19.00 Delivery
    • $19.00 Hot Shot fee
    • Total is $43.00 + tax

 How to Get Started

We require a credit card before we can deliver your item.  We offer two options: a store account that is billed weekly or a "pay as you go" option with a One Time Use form.

Scroll down to download the forms. You will be able to fill them out using Adobe Reader. Send completed forms to us via fax at 479-273-3315 or email

How to Address Your Package for Delivery

Buyer's Name / Dept

Bentonville Copy & Ship

902A S Walton Blvd Ste 1

Bentonville, AR 72712 USA

Ph - 479-273-3987

The Account Setup Form is to establish a store account with us. Any charges made to your account that week will be charged on Thursday and we email your receipt that afternoon..


The One Time Use Form is the "pay as you go" option and only covers what is specified by you on the form.


The Account Update Form is for changing information on your Store Account.


Delivery Labels - These are the labels we fill in and place on your package after they arrive at our shop. You may download these and fill them in, if you like.