Hey Bentonville! Looking for a Notary?  Our resident Notary is usually available from 8am to 4pm M-F, but it's worth calling us at 479-273-3987 to confirm availability.

Effective January 1, 2021 our charge is $8.00 per notary stamp. We can supply additional witnesses if needed for $2.00 per witness signature.

What does a Notary Do?

The primary purpose of a Notary in the United States is to verify your identity and watch you sign a document. We cannot offer or dispense legal advice of any kind, and seeing as our Notary majored in Film Production at university, you really wouldn't want her to.

Remember, do not sign your document until you're with the Notary. The whole purpose of a Notary is to verify your identity and witness you sign your document! If you've signed your document, you'll have to re-sign it once you're with the Notary.

Before Your Visit

Be familiar with your document and what is required before meeting with the Notary.  This includes knowing exactly what you need to fill out and where you need to sign because a Notary is prohibited from advising you on this.

Make sure all signers are present and everyone brings a photo ID (drivers license, US passport, school ID, US Green Card, other state issued IDs, etc.).  A foreign passports is acceptable as long as it is current.

Documents we will not notarize include:

  • I-9 Forms  The I-9 form does not require notarization. A Notary cannot sign or affix a notary stamp on the I-9 form under any circumstance. So what do you do if you are a remote hire and need the I-9 completed? Easy! Anyone, including a friend, spouse or neighbor, can complete Section 2 of the I-9 since there is no requirement for notarization. Signing the Section 2 attestation is simply an act performed by an individual, not by the office or position the individual holds. It will be 100% valid and your employer will accept it.

  • Any kind of "life" related certificate. Birth certificates, adoption certificates, wedding certificates, death certificates, or "proof of life" certificates. These must be obtained from the State in which they happened or other issuing government authority.

  • Utility bills, pay stubs, or other documents we cannot readily determine are original. We suggest asking the issuer of these types of documents to write a letter on company letterhead verifying the documents are original.
  • Government-issued documents (US or Foreign) without a designated space for a Notary endorsement and stamp. Just because someone said you need  to have a document notarized doesn't mean you actually need one (see the I-9 Form situation above).

If a US or foreign government-issued form does not have a designated space for a Notary endorsement or stamp, our Notary WILL NOT notarize it.  A Notary can have their position revoked, face fines or jail time for endorsing a document they are not allowed to notarize. For our own protection, we shall take no risk here!

  • If a customer does not appear to understand their document, does not appear to be signing of their own free will, lacks the ability to sign their name in a way the notary understands, or can’t communicate directly with the notary in a common language, the Notary may decline to notarize the document.

Notarizing Copies of Identification

If you need us to notarize a copy of a ID (passport, drivers license, school/work ID, etc), bring the original so the notary can make a copy of it herself for the notarization. To minimize our liability and for our own protection, we will not notarize copies of IDs you bring yourself, even if you have the original document with you.  We must make the copy of the original ID.


Notaries cannot issue apostilles. Only an authorized authority under The Hague Convention — typically the Secretary of State’s office or other Notary-regulating agency — is authorized to issue apostilles. If you require one, then please contact the Arkansas Secretary of State Office.


I am not a licensed attorney and cannot engage in the practice of law. I am not a representative of any governmental agency with authority over immigration or citizenship, and I cannot offer legal advice or other assistance regarding immigration.


Yo no soy un abogado matriculado y no puedo ejercer en la práctica de leyes. Yo no soy un representante de ninguna agencia gubernamental con autoridad sobre inmigración o ciudadanía norteamericana y no puedo proveer consejos legales u otra asistencia con respecto a inmigración.