COVID-19 Info

November 2020

Our priority continues to be the safety of our customers and our staff. Since March we have implemented a Curbside Service Only policy, with an exception for customers who need Notary services.

Customers who come inside for Notary services must wear a mask that fully covers their nose and mouth at all times. We have hand sanitizer and sanitized pens if you need them.

We've remained opened as an Essential Business throughout the pandemic. Due to the nature of our business, we have close contact with hundreds of customers each week. Unfortunately, we've had customers visit our shop knowing they were COVID-19 positive.

Although we've had "close calls" and all of us had our turn in quarantine out of precaution, we are very fortunate none of our staff have contracted it. We believe our curbside service policy deserves a lot of the credit. 

There are a lot of differing opinions on COVID-19. You can bet we've heard A WHOLE BUNCH of them.

We believe we are each responsible for the choices we make. We have to take ownership of the outcomes of our choices and be accountable for how those outcomes impact the people around us.

With that in mind, our choice as a business is to continue with curbside service until it is safe for both staff and customers to be inside our small shop.  At this point, we don't know when that will be.

We understand some people don't jive with that choice...and that's ok. We respect their choice to obtain service somewhere else at this time, just as we hope they respect our choice to keep our staff safe so we can continue to serve our community.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us through this difficult time - our community is unlike any other and it's why #WeLoveLocal